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Make money with that Expensive Internet Connection

Make money with your High Speed Connection by renting out slots on your wireless connection to your close neighbors and business patrons. We have designed a system that allows you to anonymously rent out your Wi-Fi hotspot connection and you can get paid doing just that. Most wireless routers have a range of about 150 yards in all directions so whether you live in a modest housing complex or a large city apartment building chances are good that you can make hundreds of dollars each month just by sharing your high speed Internet connection with others around you.

After you have matched up a Listing here to an available wireless network around you, just click on contact me button in the information window to send a message to your potential Landlord.Rent our WiFi out to your neighbors and earn money!You need a Wi-Fi (802.11b/g) enabled device. Most newer laptops have built-in Wi-Fi capabilities. Older versions may require a separate W-Fi card, which you can purchase at most larger electronics retailers. Any chip or card that has been certified for compliance with the Wi-Fi wireless LAN standard (IEE 802.11b) can be used. More and more PDAs and even cell phones are now Wi-Fi enabled. A manufacturer or service provider can help you identify these devices.

It’s Easy!

We couldn’t have made the process of renting or buying easier, safer or more anonymous. You don’t need anything but a highspeed connection and a wireless router, that’s it. Infact, the better your equipment – the farther you can reach out and the more renters you can handle. It’s a very simple concept abd it will either save you lots of money or make you lots of money.